All I really have to say is NO MORE BLOOD ANGELS...

for now that is... And I completed them by my self imposed deadline of February 1st.

So with that being said... Check out the final shots of the whole army. I do have to say that this one army is one thing that I am the most proud of from all the stuff I have painted in the past. Its just to bad that its not mine. So Demonllamma... you had better like this... otherwise I will have to repo this army and put it into my collection.

Whats next you might ask... Well I am getting ready for the February Motivational Challenge entry which is troops... not real sure what I am going to work on next. Plus I am going to be working on some more Ultramarines for dear ol' dad as well as some Malifaux and Warmachine/Hordes stuff.

Also for 40k I am going to be working on more Space Wolves stuff since apparently I have a resin care package on its way to me. I might even throw in some Tau over the next month or so, so that I can get the rest of that space cleared off my Shelves.

Stay tuned my faithful followers... cause the shits about to get real.

My Arch Nemisis

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Okay... I finally broke down and got the blasted drop pod painted and assembled. And even though it went together better and easier than the last 4 that I have put together I still say that the Drop pod is the worst kit that Games Workshop has put out to date. Not very well thought out if you ask me. But no matter what my opinion of it is... I have finished it and it is off my table.

And then there was just one thing left to paint... and that is the dreaded drop pod... the one thing I despise more than the vanguard veterans. Demonllamma... you better be glad I like you...

But first... Astorath the Grim

I give you... Prince Golden Nipples...

By far the most relaxing and easiest special character I have ever painted... he is not so over loaded with extra details that you spend days painting all of them.

So that just leaves the Grim and a drop pod... so close I can taste it.

The last of Demonllamma's Vets for his blood angels. This project is almost finished at last I will be glad to finish this up and get them sent back out to the west coast. These are some of my more hated models that I have ever painted. If you will remember a few months back I had to paint a set of the vanguard vets for another client. I still do not like these models... but they really look pretty good.

So this is one of the 2 veteran squads that I have to paint for Demonllamma's blood angels... Their backs are magnetized so they can have either jump packs or regular back packs.

All thats left for this army is 5 more vets, 2 special characters, and a drop pod. So basically about a weeks worth of work. Too bad I work all week...

So here is the Death Company for Demonllammas Blood Angels army... some of them don't have their packs on because he magnetized them so they could be swapped out between standard and jump packs. And there are 4 guys that have their jump packs glued on. I made a small deviation from the way the codex shows them being painted... and that was to change the weapon color from red to black because I don't like red bolters on any army.

So just a few more guys to go