For commission pricing please send me a detailed email to of the models, model count, and how you want them painted and I will get you a quote within 24 hours or less. Prices include basic clean up and assembly of the models. If models need to be stripped there may be an extra charge.

Conversions and magnetization cost extra but don't be afraid to ask me about the rates on that too, but please be very specific in what you are wanting.

Shipping is based on USPS Priority Flat rate shippers. Shipping price subject at any time based on then the USPS and UPS change their rates. I will do my best to get the most affordable shipping rate available.

Extra Insurance can be purchased at your request. 

  • Examples of work can be found throughout the blog, specifics pieces may be available upon request
  • All quotes are good for 30 days from date they are sent out.  Unless we are booked up at the time quote is sent out. Then it is good for 15 days from the end of the black out period..