Back to work on Skorne models I go. One of my local clients dropped his Skorne army off for me to paint and this is the first piece I went to work on. I like the model but the way it's posed be base looks really sparse so I went digging around here in the studio for ideas to dress up the base when I found a wreck marker and figured that would work. I really like the end result.

Do you remember that glorious green haired dire troll mauler that I did last month?

Well here is the warlock that will be leading him into battle. eBorka aka Bearka was an enjoyable model to work on. The bear being resin there was practically no gap filling to do on the model. My client had the idea of giving him a green mohawk to match Borka so instead of just giving him a green stripe on his noggin I figured I would make one of greenstuff. I mean it's more like a bear with a green faux hawk but it looks cool.

Then of course there is my obsession with pinning metal models... If I have ever done models for you, you will know that I am almost OCD about this. So of course Borka himself is pinned at every single joint.

Just like the title of this post says... I had the pleasure of working on a Wraith Knight this weekend. This model really was fun to work on and may have possibly inspired me to do a project I have been thinking about for years. But more on that later once I figure out the logistics of doing it.

Back to the recently finished project. My client sent me a link to help inspire the paint job on this monster of a model. And I say monster because it is officially the tallest (non forgeworld) model I have ever worked on. Honestly the most challenging part of this model was trying to get everything all magnetized so my client can swap out the weapons. After I got him all painted and clear coated I went back and glossed the gems and the faceplate to make them stand out a little more.

That's right friends... A GW model is about to grace my page again. 

Actually this model is for one of my long time clients and it is part of a much bigger commission that I am going to be posting on for a little while I think. 

And in all honesty it was kinda fun painting on a GW model. It's been a while since I painted a GW piece so it was nice working on something different. Sadly enough though I think this model and the next one I am going to be painting have sparked an urge in me to play 40k again.

You all have been warned.

Had to kind of switch gears a little bit on you guys. One of my clients has an idea to build a troll army for Hordes and I was trying to convince him to hire me to paint the models once he got them. So I asked him how he envisioned them looking and what you see here is what he came up with. Now I just hope that he likes it and decides to have me paint his army.

Just want to post up and let everyone know just how busy I have been over the last few days. I have been assembling and preping and painting this monster over last several days for one of my clients and I wanted to share how he was coming along. 

The grey flesh, purple armor and bone on the tusks and claws was all airbrushed. This is my first real run doing mild detail work with my new Grex airbrush and damn... The 0.2mm nozzle in that can get precise.

Thats right Gang, its time for that big announcement that I told you I had in the news post I made on the 1st.

So my good friends over at PoweredPlay Gaming (you remember those guys... they are the ones that make the plug & play light kits that I put in a Baal Predator). Well they have been at it again and have come up with a really awesome (and I think necessary) product they are calling Powered Bases. These things look really cool...

I have been talking to the guys and they have told me that the bases are like a miniaturized version of the Alpha Kits and they come with a concealer ring that will help you hide everything under the bases. Now these are for 40mm or larger bases as technology is only so small, so you will have to think about lighting up some of the cooler special characters and even light jacks and warbeasts for Warmachine and Hordes or some of the models from Relic Knight are just begging to have a light kit added to them.

So when can you get in on this Kickstarter you ask? Well I have been saving this awesome news for now because I didn't want to make you guys wait around for to long. So at 9am PST today November 3rd you can hop onto Kickstarter and back this venture. I think the guys have a great product and this is a much needed concept especially for those of us that like things a lot less complicated.

I dont have the info on how big their goal is or how long this Kickstarter will last but I will find that info out and make an edit to this post as soon as I can find that info out along with a link direct from here to the Kickstarter.

Now I have it on good authority that they are going to be including a little something they are calling "throwies" in this little shindig as well... though I am not sure in what capacity they are going to have them. I think they are going to be an add-on but don't quote me on that one. I saw a little short video where one of the guys was showing these little suckers off and they look like a blast to play with.

Thats all for now and don't forget to go check out their Kickstarter once it goes live and show these guys some more support because this is going to be a great product.

Hey gang its that time of the month again where I tell you what all has been going on. And this time I can tell you that I have actually been up to a bunch of different things here in the studio from testing out paint schemes on my Black Dragons on my Khador to finally getting my Starter set and rulebook for Relic Knights. I have also been talking to a couple past customers of mine that are thinking about getting some work done on models.

Well as I sit here I have half painted models everywhere... I have been working on a few different test schemes for my Black Dragon Iron Fang Pikemen and I think I have come across the one I like the most and it is a small variation on the one that I posted up on here in October. I love the black with the red trim. I think gives them kind of an ominous feel. So as soon as I get done working on what I am working on now I am going to shift over to them and knock them out in a hurry.

Now for the big project of the moment... I am painting up my Black Diamond faction starter set for Relic Knights and I should have them all done shortly. I don't have much left to do really other than paint the minion squad that came in the box. And don't you fret there will be plenty of pictures as I am going to be doing a multi-part review on the game, models, rules... the whole thing. So honestly be expecting that from me in the next few days or so because I have a lot to say about this system and the models. For now though I am keeping my opinions all to myself because I want this to be a surprise and a good read for everyone. So no spoilers yet.

Also coming up on Monday I have a huge announcement that I am going to be making for a new product line from my friends over at Powered Play gaming. So the start of November is loaded with goodies. Perfect timing too with the holiday season upon us.

Now I am taking commission work at this time and I have some openings in the schedule so as always if you need something painted up just drop me a line at and I will gladly get you a quote and an idea of a timeline as to how long things will take. But don't wait until the last minute to get those commission requests in to me because we are coming up on my busy season.

Thats all for now and stay tuned for some awesome announcements and reviews.

Hey everyone... Sorry for the delay in getting this posted. I meant to do this last week but I have been busy with family stuff. 

Here is the test color scheme I think I am going to run with on my Black Dragon IFP. I know he still needs some details and some more highlighting done but for now I think it is a fairly good test model. Now I can get the whole unit knocked out and I can move onto the next thing on the agenda.

This is the first piece I have painted for my khador army in a while now that is an actual Khador piece. Now I will admit that he has been sitting on the standby table for a long while now (since he came out) because I was distracted with other stuff. Up next will be my actual Iron Fang Pikemen which have the Black Dragon upgrade kit added to them. 

Part of the reason this guy took a while it get painted was because I decided I wanted to take my time and I painted, shaded and highlighted the scales on his cloak skirt individually which took a really long time.

Thats right paint fans, another month is completely gone. September was for the most part a slow month. There were a couple commissions finished up in there but not much else because I spent the better part of 2 weeks drilling and pinning and rebuilding arms and blasting pikes for my Khador Black Dragons.

At first I was considering just leaving them be until I tried to straightened a few of them out and they just broke off. So that kinda sealed my fate to have to replace all the pike shafts. So several days and some very very sore fingers later I replaced the pike shafts with new shafts cut from 1.6mm aluminum rod (couldn't find brass in that size locally) on the full unit plus the unit attachment. The unit is fully assembled and ready to be primed and painted, so I think that will be the next project. This will be a big painting task cause there are several models so it should keep me occupied for the next several days.

Also in the future for the studio there should be some Relic Knights and some Infinity models (if they ever arrive).

Hey everyone, I finally finished up the 9 (yes 9) Gobber Drudges for one of my buddies here in town. Couldn't really decide on skin town so there are several different choices in the group. Now as far as I know he is going to be playing these in place of regular Drudges which I think is really kinda cool. They are really neat little models and they go together super easy for being a Con Exclusive model. I just have one question though... Is it just me or do they look like they are doing the Thriller dance?

They are not on bases because my buddy really hasn't decided what he is going to do for their bases yet. So at this point they are done as far as I'm concerned. 

Hey gang, its that time of month again where I tell you what I am up to and what I might be doing later this month.

Well I am still working on the portfolio project trying to get models all done up that I feel strong enough about to put in the portfolio so I can send it off to companies to see if I can get some freelance work or maybe some more. Right now its Gobber Drudges, I have a group of 9 of the little buggers to paint up for a friend and once they are all painted I am going to pick out the best one or two and they will make it into the portfolio. After that I get done with these little guys I am going to be painting up Harkevich and Black Ivan... and Black Ivan is going to be heavily modified to be in a more "dynamic" pose. I hope its going to turn out like I see it in my head.

Once I get all caught back up on commissions and the portfolio project I am thinking I might paint up my Greylord Outriders. I am also looking into that new game Relic Knights so as usual... you never know what I might be working on.

Thats all for now... I have a phone meeting here in a few minutes that might be changing my future for the better. Super excited!!!