Thats right folks... I am officially done with the original list for the Team event army. This army is going to be making an appearance at Adepticon in April if everything goes according to plan.

Also... I am going to take a short break so I can spend time with family. So the studio is going to go on a very short break and will be opened back up on January 2nd. If you want to inquire about commission work just shoot me an email and I will still get back with you. I'm just not planning on touching a paintbrush until January. Its been a great year... I got to paint some awesome projects including painting a Reaver Titan from Forge World. But Expect to see some interesting moves after the first of the year... cause the studio is partnering up with a podcast and distributor for some interesting deals. So stay tuned... 2012 is going to be a HUGE YEAR!

Team Rolling Thunder post number 15 million and one... no seriously Team Rolling thunder is done now... this is the last unit to go into the team list. Yes its a second unit of Stormblades with the gunners.

The Cygnaran half of Team Rolling Thunder continues...

Today we have 1 of the 2 Stormblade units in the army.

Team Rolling Thunder Continues...

This time we have a pair of Sentinal light warjacks

Team Rolling Thunder Continues...


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Now for something a little on the blue side as well as time to start putting up pictures of the other half of team Rolling Thunder.

Up first is the Caster that will be leading the Cygnaran half of the army... Lord Commander Coleman Stryker (eStryker)

Well in my attempt to fill the painting void I decided to paint one of my decimators.

Well that's it folks... the Dindrenzi fleet is finished. I am going to spend the weekend packing this stuff up in some foam and get them in the mail on Monday morning.

And then there was one... That's right fans I have just one ship left in this fleet and it's the carrier. Which is going to have to wait until this weekend sometime. Everything on this job ships Monday morning.

Another 2 ships done... Down to just 3 ships left. A pair of gunships and a carrier. Not bad progress for just a few days.

I cracked these 2 ships out last night after work. This leaves just 5 ships left and I am done with this job... Things are looking good to have this in the mail Monday or Tuesday

The painting monkeys are working in high gear right now churning out more ships from Firestorm Armada. Only 7 more to go for the rest of this job. I am hoping that they will have this entire fleet done in time for christmas so that the studio can enjoy the holiday break.

Dindrenzi Cruisers

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So one more batch of ships done on this job. I couldn't sleep so I thought I would knock out some more painting. So I got to work on the cruisers from the fleet box... There were also 2 more cruisers that were included in the commission and I got those done as well.

Man the Frigates

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Sorry about the title... I thought it sounded funny.

Anyway I have been hard at work on this commission trying to get as much as possible cracked out as I could while I was off. So this is the last of the little ships in the fleet after this nothing but big ships... Think I am going to finish up what comes in the fleet box then go back to work on the rest of the fleet.