Hey everyone, I finally finished up the 9 (yes 9) Gobber Drudges for one of my buddies here in town. Couldn't really decide on skin town so there are several different choices in the group. Now as far as I know he is going to be playing these in place of regular Drudges which I think is really kinda cool. They are really neat little models and they go together super easy for being a Con Exclusive model. I just have one question though... Is it just me or do they look like they are doing the Thriller dance?

They are not on bases because my buddy really hasn't decided what he is going to do for their bases yet. So at this point they are done as far as I'm concerned. 

Hey gang, its that time of month again where I tell you what I am up to and what I might be doing later this month.

Well I am still working on the portfolio project trying to get models all done up that I feel strong enough about to put in the portfolio so I can send it off to companies to see if I can get some freelance work or maybe some more. Right now its Gobber Drudges, I have a group of 9 of the little buggers to paint up for a friend and once they are all painted I am going to pick out the best one or two and they will make it into the portfolio. After that I get done with these little guys I am going to be painting up Harkevich and Black Ivan... and Black Ivan is going to be heavily modified to be in a more "dynamic" pose. I hope its going to turn out like I see it in my head.

Once I get all caught back up on commissions and the portfolio project I am thinking I might paint up my Greylord Outriders. I am also looking into that new game Relic Knights so as usual... you never know what I might be working on.

Thats all for now... I have a phone meeting here in a few minutes that might be changing my future for the better. Super excited!!!