This lovely little page is set up to serve as more of a directory or a table of contents of what all the Studio has been up to. Here you can link over to commissions that I have done and I am in the middle of. Also there are some personal projects (like my Space Wolves) and stuff that I have painted as gifts or for other random reasons. I do hope you enjoy what you see here.

Firestorm Armada
This Commission is was actually for Phil one of the hosts for Firebase Delta.

Demonllamma's Blood Angels
This was a fun commission and it really gave me a chance to flex my red painting muscles. This commission also has one of the pieces that gets the most views and the most emailed compliments and requests.

This is a job that is in constant progress, and there are even some random Ultramarines painted up and in this link.

Personal Space Wolves
Thats right... this is my personal collection of Space Wolves. This is another collection of posts that will continue to grow as more of the army gets completed.

Imperial Guard
This is a commission that I am currently in the middle of. By the end of the job it will be a massive 10k in points and will have a nice Reaver Titan with it.

Random pieces that are for sale
Just like it says... I occasionally buy and paint random pieces just for the sake of taking a break from a commission. These pieces are often put up for sale when they are all done.

Just a place for our short, bearded, axe weilding friends. This was a fun piece to paint up. I hope that there are more stunties in the future.

Warmachine Khador
Anything that gets painted up for the mother land of the great frozen north that is the great nation of Khador will be here. So far just a couple pieces painted but there are sure to be more after you see just how cool these look.

Warmachine Menoth
This is a collection of my Menoth and a commission of Menoth figures that I painted up a while back.