So yeah... its kinda sad... and yet its kinda funny at the same time. But it hurts like hell. This past Thursday night yours truly had a slight run in with a rather sharp object and I tried to cut the tip of my thumb off. It just so happens to be the thumb on my left hand... which is the hand that I hold my paint brush with... so painting might be slow going for a few days cause it is really painful to try and hold a paint brush right now. This little meeting was bad enough that it required a trip to the ER and 5 stitches. But I will live... and the studio will survive. It just might be a little slow for about a week or so...

Guess its a good thing I don't really have any commission work on my desk at the moment... just my stuff... resin bases... and stuff that I am doing as a favor for someone.

So yeah it has been a couple weeks since I posted anything... So I figured I had better let the masses know what all I have been up to hobby wise... cause trust me I have been very very busy for the last 2 weeks. Also I need to announce something new that I am offering as a service from 2 Ton Studios. If you will remember in my last post that I am going to be painting random pieces up and selling them off to help raise money for the studio. Mostly for advertising purposes like getting a booth at Adepticon in 2012.

So NEW from the Studio... RESIN CAST BASES!!!

Thats right fans... I am going to be offering resin bases as a new service for commissions at an additional charge. As well as selling the bases in sets. Prices are yet to be determined, but as soon as I get that all worked out there will be a post on it... trust me. Currently I have a good selection of 30mm, 40mm, and 50mm round edge bases sculpted at the moment and molds poured ready to start casting. I have some poured now and are getting used on Malifaux sets, but they could also get used for Warmachine and Hordes. Or any other game that uses the Round Edge bases. I am out of grey stuff at the moment and I am waiting on a shipment from GF9 in the next couple of days and then I will be getting started on bases in all sizes for 40k. Fantasy bases will be the last ones on the agenda for sculpting.

I am taking suggestions for what some of the 40k bases need to be sculpted like. Below you can take a look at some of the bases I have sculpted thus far. I have some back stock a;ready poured and ready to ship on most all of these... and some are more of a pour on demand basis. I hope this is something that will really help set 2 Ton Studios apart from some of the other services out there and will help Launch us more into the front of the pack... like maybe in the top 5 or 10.

So as the title says... this is going to be something new from the Studio that I have never really done before. Now everyone knows that I do commission painting for people all the time. Well this is going to be a little something different... but the same... weird I know. Anyway... I am going to buy random pieces and paint them up because it is a piece, unit, vehicle that I have always wanted to paint. Then the pieces are going up for sale. Now I am doing this for a couple of reasons.

1. Commissions are coming in kinda slow at the moment so I am using this stuff as a way to break up painting the same thing over and over.
2. 2 Ton Studios is looking into arranging to have a small booth at Adepticon in 2012. So the proceeds are going to go to paying for a booth next year and possibly paying for the "showcase" army that I am wanting to build and paint to display at the event. And just maybe... raffle off. The army has been decided... the point value has been decided... and a few other little surprises have been decided about this army. Now if you are a Freeboota you already know the army, point value, and ONE of the other surprises that will be done to this army for conversion value.

So without anymore delay... I give you the first piece that is going into the For Sale folder. I was at the LGS the other day and I spotted this piece hanging there on the wall and could not pass it up. It is just a regular Imperial Guard Commissar that I cut off his bolt pistol and swapped it out for a plasma pistol instead. There is just something a little more threatening about a plasma pistol over a bolt pistol. Normally the uniform of the Commissar is solid black with different colored trim pieces to show their rank. Well I thought that all black looked really boring so I decided to paint his great coat red instead. It looks MUCH better this way and the bright red really draws the eye to the piece. He would look really good in any Imperial Guard army or sitting on a shelf. There are 10 hours logged in the painting of this piece and it is mounted on a resin base.

Now I am not going to set a price on this first piece that is being done up this way... but I am taking offers. So the highest offer or the first person to offer the amount I would like to get for him gets him. Don't let this piece pass you by because I will not duplicate this piece (unless part of a commission for a client). So act quickly and get this piece for your IG army today. Just shoot me an email at to make an offer.

One more thing... US offers add $5.95 for shipping, Canada and Mexico offers add $11.95 for shipping, and overseas international offers add $13.95 for shipping. This is for shipping in a USPS Priority Flat Rate Shipping box so you can check the USPS website for pricing to verify if you would like.

Lets get venerable

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This my friends is the (somewhat) new plastic Venerable Dreadnought kit. I LOVE this kit... first of all it is the first time ever that GW has put out a plastic Plasma Cannon for a dreadnought. AND... the kit has a metric crap ton of extra options you can add to the model to make the dreadnought a little more unique looking for your army. So you can buy several of these things and put them in a massive army and no 2 should look alike. The other thing I really like about this kit is the fact that they have decided to model after the Forge World dreadnought kits where you can see the helmet of the marine that is entombed inside. For the most part I didn't add too much as far as the extras go for this one cause I wanted to see how it looked with just the basics... BUT... I did set it up so you can swap out the right arm so you can use the different weapon options. Smart move on GW's part for making it so that you can make up all 3 arm options without having to contact one of the bits box companies out there.

Sniper Scouts... old metal ones at that... plus a heavy bolter and a missile launcher. I like the kneeling down guys cause you they have their camo cloaks out and as most of my followers know... I have a small thing for painting camo patterns on stuff... I have done it several times on several different armies. This one I messed around with several times trying to figure out what colors I wanted to use... then once I settled on wanting to use greys as they would blend in better with a war torn city than most others I had to set about a pattern. That was the hard part... and in the pictures its kinda hard to see it but it is somewhat similar to what I used on my Tau Firewarriors but instead of being thin lines I went with thicker lines and patterns and then I went with a super light (almost white) grey and I really thinned it out and used my blood splatter technique I have been using on my Orks to really create randomness to break up the lines. I am thinking that the next camo pattern I have to do will be nothing but splatter patterns because of how truly random it is.

So up first on what is going to be a MASSIVE update here... I have been painting all week and I have several things done... and I just haven't been posting up the pictures as soon as I get them done.

So again... up first is a regular unit of the old metal scouts. Personally I like there better than the new plastics because I like the way they are posed. Granted I like the options of the plastics being able to equip them how ever you want to. Yes there are Ultramarines as much as it pains me to paint this much blue... but they are for someone that is very special to me. So in the end I guess you could say its worth it. Also with this squad is Sgt. Tellion the scout special character for the Ultramarines.

This is the Skull helm Chaplain. This has to be my most favorite of all the on foot regular power armored Chaplains that GW makes for the Space Marines. For the longest time he was really hard to find... now thankfully my LGS stocks this Chaplain full time now. So as I paint more of them up for other people I can always go back and buy more. I still need to get one set back for myself one of these days for when I finally get around to my 'nilla marines army.

Big preacher smurf

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Up next from the old mans collection... Terminator Chaplain. I really love the update that GW did on this model. Really well sculpted not over done. A lot of fun to paint. Now it is hard to see in the pictures but the black is actually highlighted in blue not the usual grey. As in the art world... grey is not the natural highlight for black... blue is.