So its a few hours early to be calling it October already but I figured what the heck... September was such a great month in the studio and it set a few personal records here. But that is besides the point as it is now behind us and time to move into a new month.

I cant really say what all is going to be coming over the next month for paint jobs because it comes down to you... my followers. Well those of you that want to get stuff painted and don't have the time or the skills to get your models painted. The studio is still taking commissions at this time so IF you are looking to get some models painted at a reasonable rate just shoot me an email at and I will get you a quote and get you on the schedule.

However the Fall clean out continues and that means there are still some killer deals on some models that need to go...

This is the updated list of after what all was sold over the weekend. If this stuff does not start getting sold soon it is going to be meeting a very nasty friend of mine that just happens to be a 10lbs sledgehammer. 

Chaos Space Marine Defiler $25

Dwarf Army (Full army, mostly painted... see below for a list of what all is in the army) $350
Ogres Kingdoms (Full army, mostly painted. Email me and I will get you a list and pictures) $400
Orcs and Goblins (Full army all NEW IN BOX. Email me and I will get you a list) $350

Forge World
Blood Thirster (competition painted) $250

Nurgle Blight Drone (painted) $50
Badab War Books parts 1&2 $50

If you re interested in any thing listed above just shoot me an email at

So I figured one last thing for the news post this month... since I was just on a rant about stuff for sale I figured I would pick one of the items on that list and feature it a little more. So I picked the Dwarf army that is for sale.
 The army includes:
1 16 man Quarrellers
3 16 man Thunderers
2 20 man Warriors w/Great weapons
2 20 man Warriors w/weapon and shield
1 22 man Slayer w/command
1 25 man Miners w/command
1 23 man Iron Breakers w/command
2 Organ Guns
1 Cannon
1 Grudgethrower
2 Bolt Throwers
1 Flamecannon
1 King Alric with Shield Bearers
4 Engineers
6 Lords/Thanes
1 Thorek Ironbrow (anvil of doom)
Games Day Slayer Lord (the one standing on the daemon Head)
Army Book

All of this for only $350 plus $25 shipping (after all a good chunk of it is metal)

I was commissioned this last week at the local game shop to paint Lich Lord Asphyxious for one of the local Cryx players. I am rather happy with the way that this model turned out. I am just waiting to be able to get the model back to its owner sometime this week.

I did a little OSL for the glow on the robes where the souls come up over from the base. I didn't want to go to much with it cause I wanted to keep it still fairly clean.

If any of you are looking for someone to help you get your models painted I am still taking commissions at this time. So feel free to email me at anytime and I will get back to you.

Yep you read the title right... it is Fall Cleaning time here in the studio. Which means a bunch of models that have been piling up over the years must go to new homes or possibly find their way into the dreaded black hole of file 13. (you really don't want to know what that means)

I am not going to list out every single item cause we would all be here all night long... but if you interested in any of the stuff listed out as an "army deal" just shoot me an email (which I have fixed so I will actually get the emails this time)

Chaos Space Marines (mostly on Sprue bits enough for several squads and a bunch of Khorne Berzerkers still on sprue) and Kharn the Betrayer SOLD
Chaos Space Marine Defiler $25
Space Wolf Army (thats right... I am selling my Space Wolf Army, email me and I will get you a list of what all is in it and pictures.) $450 obo ON HOLD
Imperial Guard 2x Cadian Heavy Weapons squads and 2x Cadian Shock troop squad SOLD

Dwarf Army (Full army, mostly painted. Email me and I will get you a list and pictures) $350 ON HOLD
Ogres Kingdoms (Full army, mostly painted. Email me and I will get you a list and pictures) $400
Orcs and Goblins (Full army all NEW IN BOX. Email me and I will get you a list) $350

Forge World
Blood Thirster (competition painted) $300 obo
Great Unclean One (primed)
Nurgle Daemon Prince (painted)SOLD
Nurgle Blight Drone (painted) $50
Badab War Books parts 1&2 $50

If you re interested in any thing listed above just shoot me an email at

Wave 3 has been out for a couple weeks now so I thought it was about time I did a little review of the new ships. We picked up a couple TIE Bombers and B-Wings and used them in a game to see is we would like having them. We also got a Lambda Shuttle and a HWK-290 but haven't had a chance to use those in a game yet.

Overall impression of the models was really high at first glance but when we tried to fold the wings down on the Lambda Shuttle they didn't want to go down all the way without feeling like they were going to break or the whole ship was going to come apart. It is my understanding after talking to a couple of local players in town and some guys on the internet that we are not the only ones that had this problem. BUT it was easily fixed using a file and little time. now the wings fold down on that just fine. I will post up a how to on that here in a day or so. The rest of the ships were really high quality in appearance. Though when you look at the size of the B-Wing it looks like they changed up the scale because it looks like it is bigger than it needs to be, but I could be wrong.

In Action the B-Wing and the TIE Bomber are just absolute tanks as they can take a load of punishment before going down, and combined with the right pilot and add-ons can be down right evil. I did learn that the Bomber works best when it is paired up with TIE Interceptors to fly support for it.

Really what it comes down to is that I do really enjoy this game and even though I am sitting here waiting for a rerelease of Wave 1 ships I honestly don't have much to complain about because it is a fun game to play. These new ships add a new dynamic to the game and really help keep things fresh.

If you go back to the review post that I made earlier this month for the Star Wars X-Wing game. This time I am going to review the KR Multicase storage system. We happened to pick it up to keep our X-Wing models in so I thought I would write a review for the case.

Now for over a year now I have had multiple people tell me that I need to look into KR cases cause they liked the foam better as well as the cost over other options that are out there. So when we bought into a new game we took a shot at trying a new storage system for it.

My first impression of the KR system is that the foam is really soft, it is no where near as dense as some of the other foams out there and it might be actually really good for painted miniatures with little fiddly bits that can get broken off because it should absorb impact a little better and not be so stiff. Now I don't know this for sure but I think having a little more give in the foam that it might be better... but I could be wrong. My big problem with the soft blue foam trays is that they are really flimsy and if you have any weight in the trays you have to be careful to not spill the contents all over the place.

The storage system its self I also want to question a little too because it just a cardboard box. And while it is a rather rigid box it is still just cardboard and it does have a lower crush rate than say something with hard plastic sides. Now KR does offer other cases to put the cardboard box into I just didn't invest in one. Also being that it is just cardboard if it gets wet in the rain going to and from the car or someone spills a drink on it and its ruined.

My overall opinion is this...

There is no perfect storage and transport option for our beloved games and figures. Everyone of them has its pros and cons, be it cost, reliability, amount of protection. Some are better than others and you should pick the storage option that is right for you and your needs. Personally I would give KR Multicase 3 out of 5 as it is a good product and it is good to see variety in the storage and transport market. For the cost its not bad, but that is based on just getting the foam and the box for the X-Wing models that we got. If you get any more models we will need another case and then we will have to look at getting one of the bags or something to keep the stuff together. But doing that will really put the cost up there with some of the other options out there and it is still cardboard boxes. Another thing to note is that if you decide to get this set for your X-Wing models be prepared to put the 5 Straight movement template either on top of the tray or to cut the foam to make it fit with the others cause the slot to put the straight movement templates into isn't cut long enough.

Thats right... got another Dreadball team done. This time it is the Void Sirens, which if you are not familiar with the game they are the female Corporation team. I am thinking about calling mine the Vixens or something like that.

I decided to diverge from the pink and white for something a little darker. So I went with purple and black with green visors and some silver details on the models.

Things are looking like we are going to be having a Dreadball league before too long at the FLGS and that got me thinking and itching to repaint some of the models that I have sitting around the studio... as well as get the rest of the blasted models painted.

So I sat down and I tried to think of how I wanted to paint my team... I wanted it to be somewhat influenced by the box art with a couple of little changes. Mainly I went from blue to black on my models. Now all I need is name for my team.