So another month draws to a close, and Thank God for that. This was a rough month. I have finished off the last of the commission stuff sitting up on the shelf and had to resort to doing something that I have said time and time again that I really didn't want to do. Selling things on Ebay is not something that I have ever wanted to do. But... I have had to resort to that so that the bills can get paid. Had a couple big jobs get pushed back or put on hold.

So with all that being said I have an open schedule for commission work for October. So if you are wanting to get something painted whether it just a couple of independent Characters or a squad or two or even a full army just drop me an email and let me know what you are wanting painted and I will get you a quote asap so that we can get that project of yours painted.

So what are you waiting for... ACT NOW!!!

Thats right... they didnt sell first time around so I have relisted them.

Current Emperors Champion

OOP Emperors Champion

Painted these up finally got some pictures of them and figured I would share them. They are a Dark Angels Combat squad. Nothing fancy here really just thought I would make them look good. Learned a lesson though... put decals on THEN varnish... otherwise decals dont like to stick apparently.

Okay gang... just a quick update. The first batch of items that I listed up for sale on ebay did not sell so I went through and relisted them to try and get them to sell on round 2.

Logan Grimnar

Ork Warboss


Brotherhood Champion

And here are a couple other items that I have listed on eBay as well. But they are both ending this weekend so act fast!

OOP Emperors Champion

Current Emperors Champion

So I had an interesting call via skype this afternoon with the head developer from another really good gaming company to which he gave me some really good advice about the original version of my snow. While being a fine powder makes for a nice smooth snow and that I might want to think about making a new batch that is a little coarser that it started out as.

So there is the test batch of the more coarse version of the snow. If I could come up with a way to package the snow for sale I would sell it as both the fine powder and the coarse.

Anyway I mixed up a batch real quick with the same portion of glue and spread it on a blank base and decided to add a tuft of grass just because.

Say Hello...

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And Continuing with the theme of random models... and Imperial Guard Commissar with a Power fist. Nothing fancy here... just another one of those models that I picked up because I thought he looked cool.

Say Your Prayers!!!

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So after a nice little break of 3 full days without picking up a paint brush it felt kind a nice to get back to the old grind. So we continue where we left off in the quest to paint random figures laying around the studio. To which there are many. It really was a productive day with 2 more figures knocked out and 10 hours logged sitting at the painting table.

First up I have a Warrior Priest from the WHFB line. I really love the pose of this piece so I picked him up almost a year ago. I Figured that he would make a great painted piece to add to the "On the Shelf" collection. Well that is where he is going to sit for now... I might wind up having to sell him off later. But we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

Look everyone... I found a SOMEWHAT rare OOP Emperors Champion... actually for some reason I had 3 of them sitting up on the shelf in the VERY back next to my old 3rd ed. rulebook and some other random OOP pieces. So I painted on up tonight after spending the day with my family. Now that I have him painted... I do have to say that I really like the old one (no decals) but I prefer the way that the newer one is posed. Some of you will have to think back to when I went on a rant about dynamically posed models over the real static models. And the way that the new one looks more like he is charging into the fray and the old one looks like he is just there with his big "sword".

This model is also for sale over on EBay you can go HERE to bid on it.

Well it has been another productive night here in the studio... I decided to paint up one of the many random pieces that have been laying around in the studio. Tonight it was an Emperors Champion. and I actually got the decal to go on his shoulder with out too much of a fight.

Also... this model is posted up for sale on ebay and can be found HERE.

So 2Ton Studios is finally getting into the ebay game, and here are the first 4 listings that we have up at the moment.

Grey Knight Brotherhood Champion

Imperial Guard Commissar

Ork Warboss

Logan Grimnar

The Brotherhood

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So here is one of those random figures I had laying around that I just figured I would paint it up. Well there is a bit of a good reason for it to get painted... I have decided that its time I get some of these random figures out of the studio. So this will be going up on Ebay real soon. BUT if someone offers me the right price for him before I get the ebay sales set up (this weekend) then I will let that person have him and it will save me from putting him up on ebay.

There are going to be a few other random figures that I have already painted up that I am going to be selling.

*****UPDATE***** Bidding has now started

Yes this is one of my resin Bases... slightly modified... and its painted up to be cracked earth and rivers of blood. It is 120mm round and it is magnetized to a 200mm round wooden display plinth that was made for me. I can not say what is going to be mounted to this base other than the fact that it is going to be entered into the paint competition at Adepticon 2012 and MAYBE Gamesday US 2012.

Finished up the Judge from the Lady Justice box which wraps up this first batch Malifaux pieces.

Weigh your guilt

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This is the totem for Lady Justice.

Quick announcment

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Nothing to big here other than 2Ton Studios is now part of the From The Warp Network of blogs and that can be found HERE. The studio also has mentions on both the Eye of Error and Colonel Shofer's Mild OCD Blog so I would like to thank both of those sites for having a link over to here on thier pages as well.

So if you find me through one of those sites please leave a comment and say hello.

Got the Third and final Death Marshal done tonight.

Death Marshal pt.2

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Got another Death Marshal done today.

Another quick update on the Malifaux stuff. I know this is not the totem is not for Lady Justice... but I had the paints out to paint the flames so I just figured what the heck... I might as well get this piece painted at the same time.

Death Marshal pt.1

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Quick Malifaux update here... I finished up this Death Marshal last night and got his pictures taken... but then forgot to get them posted up... so here we go.

Hey Gang... just wanted to post up my progress of my Malifaux collection. I felt the need to paint up my Lady Justice model.

Wyrd painted her up wearing all black... but I felt like she needed to be wearing red leathers instead.

So I have been talking about painting up some Malifaux stuff fro a long time now. Just to give myself a break from painting Space Marines and stuff I pulled my Malifaux stuff out of the corner and I decided to get it painted up. So... I started with my Executioner. He was the very first piece that I bought for myself, and I though it would be fitting to start with him before I painted anything else.