Ok guys... I promise there will be pictures once I get back home and get them off loaded from the camera, and I dont feel that I have a rush for time.

Me and Dad left for Chicago yesterday at around 5:30pm and we finally got in to Chicago this morning at 7am...ish. It was a fun and somewhat eventful trip up here and I discovered a few things along the way.

1. Black Library audio books are friggin sweet... we listened to the copy of Waiting Death that I won on the forums from Brother Grimm. So huge thanks to you sir if you ever read this. Though I will have to warn you that listening to it like 20 some odd times in a row cause we were to lazy to change the CD... not such a good idea.

2. In Missouri not only can you buy fireworks all year round (this I am very jealous of cause in Kansas we get less than a month) but you would also be amazed by the number of Adult Superstores there are along I-70... I mean holy crap... is that all there is to do in Missouri... blow shit up while watching a porno?

3. Also in Missouri they have some strange ass names for towns... Like Houstonia, Knob Knoster, and Licking... what the deuce man. What drunk bastard named these places.

4. Sleep deprivation can lead to weird conversations and massive fits of the giggles.

5. Do NOT drive in Chicago during morning rush hour... its kinda scary.

Thats all for now. I will keep everyone updated.

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