So yeah... its kinda sad... and yet its kinda funny at the same time. But it hurts like hell. This past Thursday night yours truly had a slight run in with a rather sharp object and I tried to cut the tip of my thumb off. It just so happens to be the thumb on my left hand... which is the hand that I hold my paint brush with... so painting might be slow going for a few days cause it is really painful to try and hold a paint brush right now. This little meeting was bad enough that it required a trip to the ER and 5 stitches. But I will live... and the studio will survive. It just might be a little slow for about a week or so...

Guess its a good thing I don't really have any commission work on my desk at the moment... just my stuff... resin bases... and stuff that I am doing as a favor for someone.

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  1. SHIT!!! :-< I´ve cut fingers and thumbs but never done a job like that!! Take good care of it mate, keep it well away from any dirt or whatever.

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