Well... its June already... 2011 is FLYING by and the studio is really getting busy. May was a good month cause I got a massive amount of stuff done. I have almost finished the Imperial Guard. I just have 30 guys left to paint and then I am DONE with them. Hopefully in the next few days they will be all done, especially that at the writing of this monthly outlook the Reaver has been shipped. I wish I would of got a tracking number for it so that I could keep track of where this big boy is at constantly cause there is a lot at stake with this thing.

As I talked about in the article that I posted up in the previous post GW released it's Finecast line of miniatures. I have managed to pick up a couple of them and they are actually really cool. Also I can confirm that Logan Grimnar of the Space Wolves is slightly larger than the metal model. It is kinda hard to spot it so you have to look close and have them sitting right next to each other. The Finecast also has a massive amount of detail in it. I am really looking forward to painting him up.

So for June... I have to get these last few IG models painted up and some pictures taken and posted up here cause I have been kinda falling down on the job with that... but thats what happens when you are extremely swamped. Things are looking like this commission is going to expand out later on into a much larger job. Also the Reaver should be here "soon-ish" and when it gets here I am going to jump into it so I can get it all done so I can get it back to the client. Think I might paint up a piece or 2 of my own before I get working on the Reaver though. I need a small break from painting someone elses stuff.

So thats it for now... I have to get back to painting so I can wrap up the last of the IG.

Have fun and keep... wait... I almost forgot... the HUGE announcement.

Since it is officially June 1st and because I got the contract signed and returned in time. I can happily announce that As of today 2 Ton Studios is now offering something I have not seen any other paint service provide as an option. If there is then thats awesome I am joining there ranks... if not... I am breaking new ground. anyway without beating around the bush any longer... 2Ton Studios is now offering the option of shipping your painted miniatures back to you in Battle Foam trays. In fact if you want you can even order whole bags and load outs to match your army that I am painting up for you the customer. For pricing just check out Battlefoam.com for the trays and bags and then hit us here in the studio up for final price. If you go this route and you are having me paint your models for you I will cover the shipping of the bags and trays from BF HQ to me so you wont have to pay shipping twice on it. Hows that for a deal! So the calender is filling up fast get your quotes and lock in your spot on the calender now before its too late!

So... from 2Ton Studios... Have fun and keep gaming!

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  2. I love you wolfy XD and you know it XD

    yes go for battlefoam XD finally my idea of the ISO foam can be put to use officially XD

  3. Yep... shipping with BF is great... I have already had a couple small test runs and everything arrived safe and sound to its owner with ZERO damage. The cost of shipping this way? Just add the cost of the trays or bags to the cost of shipping... simple as that. No extra handling charges or anything.

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