Hey Gang, just your favorite painter here checking in with you to let everyone know that June ended as yet another top month for page views and for that I just want to thank you all again because I can't get the view count without you checking in to see what I am up to. July is going to be a major shifting of gears for me from the GW stuff that I have been painting (unless I get commission for it) I am going to be painting a bunch of Hordes models from Privateer Press. My FLGS The Hero Complex is hosting a Journeyman League event over the next several weeks. It is supposed to start this up coming Saturday and then I can start painting for it. I was going to be doing a Gatorman army but I changed my mind and I am going to be doing a Circle of Orboros army for it instead cause there was less stuff that I had to buy to get ready for it. I am still going to be doing the Gatorman army I am just going to have to hold off on them for the moment cause I need to finish gathering up supplies and then order the hollow resin bases from Secret Weapon cause I am going to model them coming up out of the swamp. So I need a couple more packs of tree stumps from Mr. Justin and few other odds and ends first, then I will be all ready to go.

Also for July there are going to be a couple more Product Reviews as I have finally got my grubby little hands on a trio of Minitaire paints from Badger as well as the Sack o' Corpses (or the "Body Bag" as I call it) from Secret Weapon Miniatures that I ordered arrived. Might have to model these onto the bases at least for the Blackhide Wrastler so that he takes his snack with him.

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