Thats right folks... I am officially done with the original list for the Team event army. This army is going to be making an appearance at Adepticon in April if everything goes according to plan.

Also... I am going to take a short break so I can spend time with family. So the studio is going to go on a very short break and will be opened back up on January 2nd. If you want to inquire about commission work just shoot me an email and I will still get back with you. I'm just not planning on touching a paintbrush until January. Its been a great year... I got to paint some awesome projects including painting a Reaver Titan from Forge World. But Expect to see some interesting moves after the first of the year... cause the studio is partnering up with a podcast and distributor for some interesting deals. So stay tuned... 2012 is going to be a HUGE YEAR!

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  1. Looking Good Sir. I love the bases!

  2. thank you sir... the bases are actually just green stuff pressed onto the bases to look like cobblestones.

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