Liquid Green Stuff Review

So I know I said I was going to get this review done a couple weeks back but I got in a painting groove and it got me a little sidetracked. So here we go... as promised.

Liquid Green Stuff is a new product released by everybody's favorite miniature company Games Workshop. Here in the states the 'Stuff' sells for $3.70 so its the same price as their paints. I don't know the chemical compound for this version or the standard 2 part version are anywhere near being the same so I am not going to go into that aspect of things. What I do have to say though is that it is really pretty easy to use. Though I will warn you that it is still fairly thick and can be a bit of a paint to brush on exactly where you want it to go, so be prepared to scrape the 'stuff' off of unwanted areas.

Now like I just said this stuff is thick... like REALLY THICK. So that made me pretty skeptical as to whether or not it would do as GW promised when they said that you could brush it onto a model and then just rinse the brush in water. So I just so happened to have a model sitting on my table (non-GW mind you) that needed some gap filling done so I set to work...

So after a little bit of frustrating work trying to get the stuff back off the brush and onto the model where I wanted it to go I settled on using a toothpick just like I do when I am using the 'Green Putty' from Squadron Hobby, and that worked a little better for actually getting the 'stuff' into the gaps where I needed it.

But back to the brush... "what about the 'stuff' on the brush?" well... about that... GW was actually right. It really does rinse off the brush... as long as you don't let it dry on the bristles. But that rule works with anything that you use a paint brush for.

So for only $3.70 a bottle this might actually be the first thing from Games Workshop in a while that is actually worth its price. You can use just what you need... you don't have to blend and kneed it together and accidentally mix up too much so you waste it. And there is NO KNEADING REQUIRED so it really speeds up the model prep time. This product actually dries pretty fast too so you don't have a long wait time for it to dry before you can handle it.

Overall I would rate this product as a 3.5 out of 5 because it isn't that easy to use because of how thick the stuff is... and because GW is having some serious stocking issues with it. 3 places in town that carry GW products and all 3 of them have been on back order since it came out. I actually had to do something I hate doing and I ordered it direct from GW.

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