Its March 1st... and with that it brings the month overview and a couple of announcements. First up I want to announce that the Studio blog is going to be celebrating its 1 year milestone, and on the actual anniversary date I am hoping to go through and select my favorite projects from the last year and post them up top 10 style.

Projects for the month are going to be a bit different than what all I have been working on for the first couple months. I am putting the Orks on hold until I get some bases made for them. I am doing this so that I don't have to go back through and completely rebase an entire army of 100+ orks. So for the Motivational Challenge entry for the month I am going to be painting up Capt. Perdonis Kantoris (Pedro Kantor in Ultramarines colors) for that project. So as soon as I get some Orky looking resin bases made up I will go back to working on the Orks and sitting on deck is Ghazzy and some Meganobz.

Also for this month I will be continuing to make base masters so I can start making molds and pouring resin bases. I have a good selection made up of the round edge bases and they are for sale now. The 40k bases are going to be started being sculpted this week. I was kinda put on hold while I waited for more grey stuff to arrive in the mail, and it finally came today so I can start working on that now.

Announcements for the month have already kinda been mentioned briefly... so I will make this quick. 2 Ton Studios is working on saving up the money to pay for the trip to Adepticon 2012 and pay for a booth at said event. As well as the fact that I am going to be building a Salamanders army to showcase at the event. I am planning on adding lights and stuff where ever I can. The army will also have a big display board and matching themed resin bases for the army. If I can pull it off the army will also have a custom Battle Foam load out and bag to go with it. Now I have full intention of raffling this whole set up off at Adepticon.
To help raise the money for the trip, booth, and army... we here at 2 Ton Studios are going to be buying and painting up random pieces over the course of the next several months and getting them painted up and selling him off. First the pieces will be put up for grabs on here and a couple forums that I am on and you guys will get first shot at getting the piece... then if the piece is still here after 2 weeks then it goes up on ebay. All the money made off these pieces will be used to pay for the "invasion" of Adepticon 2012.
Also to raise money for the invasion... Resin cast bases... I have posted up some pictures of the first masters I have made over the last couple of weeks. Those bases are all ready to be poured. 30mm bases $2 each, 5 for $8 or 10 for $12. 40mm bases $3 each or 5 for $9. 50mm bases $4 each or 3 for $9. So if you see some that you like and want... just shoot me an email and I will get them cast and mailed out. US orders add $5.95 for shipping, and International orders add $12 for shipping.

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