Well here we are... July is officially here. And its here with a vengeance. Let me explain briefly... the Studio is in Kansas. In Kansas from about the second week of June to about the 3rd week of October you really want to avoid going outside unless its you absolutely have to. People say that remote start on your car was developed for those that live where its really cold out... I want to argue with that. remote start was invented for people who live here. In the winter we don't get snow... we get this strange frozen substance that resembles rain but when it actually lands it forms this inch thick layer of ice that no amount of scraping will get it off your windows. And in the summer we are well known for getting days that are 100+ degrees and 85%+ humidity... if you dont know what that feels like go sit in a sauna for a few hours. But there are people that say "but its windy there" take a hair dryer in the sauna and turn it on and aim it at your face... oh and have someone throw dirt in your face. Also in Kansas we have these strange insects called "june bugs" but I think they are confused when June starts and how long it lasts.

So... 2Ton Studios... what all have I been up to for the last month and whats coming up this month. Well... I have a lot of stuff brewing in the coming months a couple projects that are kinda on the hush hush. And what all Have I been up to... well thats sorta obvious. I completed a commission that was slated for 4 months in just 2 months. I have placed my initial order with Battle Foam so I am now an authorized webstore. As soon as I can get a real website built I will have pictures up so people can order the bags when they place their commission orders. Battle Foam bags and trays make for a safe and secure way to ship your models across the country. I have shipped this way a few times now with great success and no broken miniatures. So if this is how you want your miniatures shipped this way just let me know and the cost of the trays required will be added to your total... thats it. If you are wanting an army painted then a bag might be more to your liking.

Also in the last few months I have started a Forge World "domestication" service. If I get and order together from enough clients to qualify for free shipping then I will place the order. So far it has been about every other month... the next order date is looking to be July 18th. So if you are wanting in on the next one I need to know what you want and the money no later than the 15th (if you are sending it via Paypal) or the 18th if you are paying cash in person.

So... June was busy as hell... I got the IG 47 flashlight of doom list painted. Along with the Reaver Titan. And after painting and assembling the Reaver I can say that I am not afraid of working on something that size ever again. It was sorta stressful working on something that size in the fact that it had to be done in phases. But I got the whole thing done in 10 days so thats actually not all that bad really. Also I have finally decided on what bases I want my Space Wolves to be mounted on. So I have started with rebaseing them... and while I was working on that I decided that since I am working on them I might as well touch them up and make do some retouching of the paint so that the greys all match and the details actually look better. Especially saying that I don't think its a good idea that my "flagship" army is not painted up to look better than the last army I painted. This army is to act as almost my advertisement when I am playing games. Granted I am also going to be painting up another army for that purpose but until then... that job belongs to my wolves.

In July... I hope to have the Space Wolves all done and maybe pick up another commission or 2 while I wait for the owner of the IG and the Titan to get back in town to pick them up and maybe get me started on the next big job. Also with this summer being the "Storm of Magic" for fantasy expect to see me start working on more fantasy pieces as they come up ready for paint... hell I might even pull my dwarves out and finish them up. just have to wait and see.

Thats all I can really talk about for now... stay tuned to see what I am going to be working on next.

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  1. Good State of the Blog Address Wolfy :) Looks like things are coming along nicely now!

  2. Glad to see your really tearing through the commissions. Your quality appears to also be getting far better. Really great stuff as per usual! Glad to hear about the BF news as well.


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