So I had an interesting call via skype this afternoon with the head developer from another really good gaming company to which he gave me some really good advice about the original version of my snow. While being a fine powder makes for a nice smooth snow and that I might want to think about making a new batch that is a little coarser that it started out as.

So there is the test batch of the more coarse version of the snow. If I could come up with a way to package the snow for sale I would sell it as both the fine powder and the coarse.

Anyway I mixed up a batch real quick with the same portion of glue and spread it on a blank base and decided to add a tuft of grass just because.

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  1. If you're looking for packaging ideas, Hobby Lobby and Michaels both sell sachet-style plastic bags (the kind you find toys in at the grocery store, with the cardstock piece stapled over to keep it shut) and the same size ziplock bags, as well as little screw-top vial deals.

    When I eventually repaint my Raven Guard (cuz lets face it, its inevitable) I'll be needing to update their bases too! When I do that I wanna stick with the same idea I've got going (Targus VIII) so I'll need some of your snow, man! Get crackin'!

  2. Well I have like 1 pound of the fine snow now... and I can match that amount of the coarser snow by the end of the weekend... So how soon and how much are you gonna want?

  3. not going to be REpainting them any time soon, and probably not for the next sixmonth or even twelve. But knowing that you have it on the market would be enough!

    Actually, depending on how well it keeps/if it can be resuscitated or not, I might grab some in a week or two. I'd need about half of one of GWs' flock containers all told, I think.

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