Thats right folks... another month gone and a few more projects off the shelf. So lets start things off this month with a little bit of news.

Games Workshop announced that the Necrons will finally be getting a long overdue update and a whole bunch of new models. Look for the studio to be getting their hands on some of those gems after they get released. You can go HERE to watch a video that GW put out. As a former owner of a 'cron army I am thinking I might have another one in my future cause some of those models just look cool. Also from Games Workshop they have released a new hobby product called "Liquid Greenstuff", as soon as I can get my hands on a bottle of it expect to see a product review on it.

Adepticon is looming on the horizon and Registration just recently started... if you are wanting to get in on any of the 40k tournaments and haven't registered yet you might be to late already. Cause if I read correctly the Team event and the Championship are already sold out. 2 Ton Studios is planning on making an appearance at the event this time around but for the paint competition and Warmachine events. Being that yours truly is still a Pressganger... I will probably get roped into helping with something.

Secret Weapon Miniatures has a sale going on right now... 20% off Desert Themed bases. So hop on over to there and bug Justin to get your BASES.

So with the news out of the way lets jump over to a Studio UPDATE. The Studio had a slow month last month for commissions... only 1 small one and it was actually kinda fun it was an quick job for an Eldrad Ulthran for a guy in Scotland. Since that one came and went I have nothing sitting on the shelf for clients so if you want to get something painted shoot me an email with your request now so you can get on the calender. If I am not working on stuff for other people right now I am going to focus on working on 2nd Company of the Ultramarines. They are almost done now... or at least the troops are almost done. I am waiting to find out if I am putting lights in the Rhinos and Land Raider or not. Aside from that there is more work to be done on my Space Wolves and then there is always my Khador and my Malifaux stuff. My Orks have been reshelved because I am planning out something different for them. I am thinking about falling for the old "Nob Biker" list.

Also for the month of November (to try to generate some business) I am going to have some special paint rates. These will not be posted up so if you want to get something painted up just shoot me an email to get a quote and you will get the special rates.

One more thing... to the jerk that mentioned that I should watch Breaking Bad on AMC... and give it my usual 5 show test (if after 5 shows I am still not hooked then I can stop watching it)... I hate you... I am past the first season and half way into the second season.

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