Yeah I am slightly behind the time on writing up a review on using Reaper Paints... I have been using them for several months now and I have had several people ask me how I truly feel about them.

So here we go...

The Reaper Master Series Paint system consists of 216 paints that come in 1/2 ounce dropper bottles and sell for $3.29 a bottle. The paint has really pretty good coverage for a thin paint. Even the metallic colors are thin unlike other companies that tend to have thick and gloppy metallic colors. One of the coolest aspects of the Reaper Master Series paints is that you can buy them in a Triad. What is a Triad you ask... well a triad is 3 colors... a Shadow, Mid tone, and a highlight all in one package. Not one bottle... but 3 bottles. (yes I have been asked that)

The ones that I use the most are: Blood Triad, Bone Triad, and the Medium flesh Triad. Most all of the reds, whites, and fleshy colors that you guys see me paint all the time... that is how I am getting them to look the way that I do.

Currently here in the studio I am using mostly Reaper paints but I do use some P3 and Vallejo colors but I am slowly switching the studio completely over to the Reaper Master series. They are great quality paints, they have so many colors to use, they require very little thinning unless you like painting with water colors.

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