Its that time of year again when everyone starts thinking about the holidays and what gifts to give someone. And normally I would be saying what better gift to give someone than a painted army from 2Ton Studios. BUT... at the moment I have a full schedule before Christmas. After Christmas things open back up again.

To start things off this month I am finishing up a few models for my Anima Tactics client. They should be finished up in the next day or so and in the mail. Then I am going to be getting back to basics and working on a Space Wolf army which is due the week of Christmas. I think I am going to pull out the Airbrush on those models to get the bulk of the work done so I can spend more time focusing on the details of the models.

After that I have an open schedule so I am looking for something to fill that time. So if you have some models that you want to get painted feel free to hit me up and we can work something out for after Christmas.

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