So here we are in April already, and things have been in a bit of an upheaval over the last 2 weeks. Which is part of the reason I am waiting until today to post up the actual news so people don't think it was some kind of April Fools prank. The biggest part of which was that it was looking like the studio was going to be closing because I had a job offer that was looking really promising and was pretty much nothing but travel, but because of other reasons that job is now not going to happen and the security of the studio has been restored for now. I am actually looking for something that does not have the travel so that I can keep things rolling here as normal.

Now that I have got past the hard bit of news, I am currently working on the last bit of Orks for a friend and my Blood Angels Project as well. I have fully decided on a red paint scheme that I like and I am going to stick with it on this army. Its not the typical orange-ish red that you normally see on Blood Angels. It is more of a deep red... a red that actually looks more like the blood it is to represent. Almost similar to the red that I used on my Khador army last year.

Also in the studio this month... I hope... is also that Dreadball set. I am really hoping to get some paint on those models soon.

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