This is that piece I built from spare parts that I got in a trade. I have decided that I was going to use him as one of the test models to see if I like the way this red is going to turn out. Well I do like the way it looks but I have one more method that I am wanting to try to get my reds right. This is my first foray into the land of using GW paints since they decided to drop the old line and come out with a completely new one. I went to the GW paint book and looked in the back to see what colors they suggest for painting Blood Angels. Then I made a small change to the list and decided that I would finally give them a try... a real actual shot to see if they might still belong in the studio. I am still on the fence about that and I also want to know what is the deal with the obsession with painting Blood Angels with an orange tint. So I used their "layers" very sparingly as highlights.

Anyway... If I decide that I just want to use a generic Captain in my Blood Angels army it will be this piece. So I would like to introduce everyone to Captain Micah. And with every model in this project he is mounted on one of the Ruined Temple bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures.

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