Hey gang, June update is finally here. Just a day late, so thats not too bad.

Things are going smooth here in the studio, two complete Dreadbowl teams painted and its looking like there are a bunch more on the horizon along with all of the MVPs. One of these days I might actually be able to start on the Blood Angels stuff that I got back in March.

On the schedule for this month is looking like more Dreadbowl stuff, and if I can sneak any of it in there maybe some Blood Angels... just have to wait and see. The Commission schedule is WIDE open so if you have anything that you picked up at a con and don't have the time or the ability to get it painted just drop me an email (chris@2tonpainting.com) and we can discuss things and I can get you on the schedule.

Also up on the schedule for this month... be on the lookout for a product review in the next couple of weeks on something really cool that I am glad that I am getting to review.

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