Hello and thank you to everyone that has been following my painting exploits and adventures. I would like to say damn I can't believe its July already. 2014 has been flying by and we are over halfway through the year so far.

First a short look back at June... June was a busy month for the studio in a way. I have been up to my elbows in Ravenwing and have finally put a huge dent in that commission. I am looking to be done with them in roughly a week. I should have some pictures to show off the whole force very soon.

Once this one is done there are rumors of maybe some X-Wing ships making a pit stop in the studio and getting some custom paint jobs. Other than that it is looking like I will be getting to work on some of my own Khador models and maybe even working a few simple conversions. Just have to wait and see what I feel like working on next.

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