The moment I finished up the Ravenwing commission project I was trying to decide what I wanted to work on next. I knew I wanted it to be one of my personal models since it has been a couple months since I painted something of mine. Then it was a hard decision as to which project I wanted to work on the most caue I have Trollbloods, Convergence, and Khador all needing attention at the moment. So I narrowed that down real quick because my Khador needs some love cause I ned to get them bac in the win column as it has been a while since I won with them. Granted I have had a couple of very very narrow losses where the dice just died right when I had an easy roll like needing to roll a 8 on 3d6 and rolling a 7.

So since I had narrowed things down to wanting to work on my Khador more than anything else at the moment the next thing I had to figure out was what project in that army did I want to work on the most. Well some of you know that I am wanting to get more models done up for my portfolio and I wanted to show off some conversion work as well as good painting skills, I decided that since I am going to be adding an Ogrun Bokur to my Khador army anyway why not take some inspiration from NQ54 where they took 3 Bokurs and converted them for the different factions he can work for.

Now my inspiration started with the swapping the shield and shoulder pads and cutting down his spear and replacing it with the Spriggan spear just like they did in the article, BUT I decided to go with all warjack parts instead of using Man-o-war parts. I use shoulder pads from the Berzerker and the shield also came from the plastic Spriggan just like the Lance. In the article he also gives the por Bokur a stupid fuzzy hat that the Khadorans are known for wearing. Personally I hate the fuzzy hat and I think that no self respecting Ogrun would be caught dead wearing one. So I did not give mine the fuzzy hat. After following the instructions in the article he was very easy to assemble and make the proper switches.

Now in the pictures the shield and shoulder pads are just being held in place by putty. And I have since taken them back off so I can prime and paint the model. I am hoping that I can make him look good enough for my portfolio of work.

Also coming up after this IF I like the way he turns out I am going to be doing up his brothers that work for Cryx and Cygnar as well. Just have to wait and see.

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