So this dude is so bad ass... that I felt that he deserved his own blog post. I have been hard at work all day today trying to get him finished...

Okay so not all day... and I have been working on him and the Avatar off and on all week long... along with the Dire Avengers and the Warlocks. I have been switching off so that way I am not staring at the same figure for several hours. So I give you more Level 1 painting.

3 Responses so far.

  1. It might be cliche but that's AwesomeSauce! I don't care much for the Eldar myself but I do appreciate the elegance of their color schemes and you really captured that here Wolfy. Nice work!

  2. Thanks man. I really do appreciate the feed back on this stuff man. It lets me know that I am painting for more than just myself and the client... it lets me know that people do like what all I have done.

  3. I make it a point to comment on things even if just to say nice work. Thankfully with 40k I have some small amount of actual knowledge to go along with the comments. You should recommend your Clients to come and post about the progress, you might get some good testimonials out of them for use in advertising the Service :)

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