Well I finally got the first squad assault squad done for this project. I am happy with the way that they look... though I am convinced that I need to find myself a high end camera cause mine while it works for taking pictures they are not that great of pictures... oh well...

Anyway this is an assault squad on foot (their rhino is already painted just look back through the pages) and the sarge has magnetic arms so you can swap out what he had. There are also 2 meltaguns and a sanguinary priest in the squad.

Not sure what I am going to paint next for this project... but no matter what I need to get some hardcore painting done. Cause my free time to paint is about to get cut in half again.

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  1. Nice work Sir! I like the white as always..and I hate you for being able to paint it that well..as always :P They'll make a fine addition to the Army!

  2. Looking good, I especially like the kneeling marine, just a nice touch to the squad.

  3. They're looking really good Wolfy!

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