So here is the Salamander Captain that I painted up. He is actually a Games Day piece from a couple of years ago. Some how I got 2 of them and one of them found his way into my Space Wolves army. The other one has sat on the shelf for a while now the blister collecting dust. Well... Deep Strikin' Santa came around again this year... and I got the luck of the draw of another Space Wolf player but this one has been thinking about starting a Salamander Army to go with them. Well I decided to paint this guy up as a Salamander in hopes that it is that final motivation that the guy needs to build his Salamander army. If not... he has a really cool piece sitting on his shelf to show off to his friends.

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  1. I have that model also, bought two of them off of Spencer back in the day. It is a lovely piece! Nice paint Wolfy!

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