So December has arrived... that means cold weather and holidays. It also means another month is here for a new list of projects... well sort of new. Some of them have been in the works for a little while now. But I am finally making head way on them.

So with the start of December I have just one final mark to go for the Freeboota Motivational Challenge. This month it is objective markers, and we have to make 3 markers for your army. I have mine all planned out and and I will be starting work on them on Friday because thats when the "gold" part of the challenge starts. And I really want to maintain a perfect record for the year. I am hoping that we do this again next year, because if we do I am going to finally build my Ork army that has been sitting on the shelf for about a year and a half now.

Also on the schedule for this month on the Freeboota forum we are doing a secret santa project again this year called Deep Strikin' Santa. My recipient plays Space Marines and has mentioned thinking about building a Salamanders army... So I figured I would send him a piece that will motivate him into building his army.

On the commission chart for this month it is still the Blood Angels. I have managed to make a little head way on them and spent a good amount of time getting a pile of them primed so I can go on a painting spree and get a bunch of them painted in hopefully short amount of time. I would like to be done with them by the first of the year. Maybe a little after but not by much.

So I am going to wrap up this little update so I can get a little more work done before I call it a night and go to bed. And Yes despite what some people thing... the studio does close every now and then so I can get some shut eye.

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  1. My DSS entry is also under way at the moment..I am hoping my slow painting rear-end gets it done in time for to be shipped and received before the Holidays! Looks like you have some interesting times ahead Wolfy.

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