Okay this is the last of the regular Assault Marines for Demonllammas Blood Angels army. There is not a whole lot oeft to paint for this army. But I am taking my time because I am trying to keep the army looking good and roughly the same standard. So far so good. All that I have left to paint now is 14 Death Company, 11 Veterans, 2 special characters, and a drop pod. So really not a whole lot left. If I can get some good quality paint time I can get a fair amount of this done in the next 7 days even with having to work part of them and wanting to spend some time with the loved one.

When I started on this last 10 guys I realized that there are actually 3 guys that are equipped as squad leaders so they got painted as such. When I get the whole army done I will get some full army shots to post up here and I will split them up properly. Also just like all the jump packs I have painted for this army I painted them with the blue engine glow.

So... with it being 730am I am going to finally call it a day and as soon as I get up (depending on plans) I fully plan on getting started on the next group.

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  1. I really am not a fan of the Helmet-less look but that does not reflect on you so much as GW Wolfy. I think you've done well maintaining the overall level of quality throughout your work for Mr. Llama. Nice Battle-Damaging and 'Battleworn' Armour looks too.

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