So I would like to introduce the masses to Lil' Chompy. He is the Deff Dread for my Bad Moons Ork army. I am painting these for the motivational challenge for 2011. I am really looking forward to see how the whole army is going to turn out when they are all done. This month was Bootas Choice so I decided to paint something that kinda fits into 2 different slots as either a heavy support or as a troop (if I use a Big Mek). Well I am going to be painting a Big Mek for this month as well. I am about half way done with him. But I was so happy with the way Chompy turned out I had to post up his pictures for everyone to see. I decided to go with Bad Moons because you hardly ever see anyone play an army that is painted yellow cause yellow can be a hard color to paint. But I also chose Bad Moons cause Bad Moons haz all da teef!

The blood splatter is not really a secret nor is it really hard to do.
First the colors. I use equal parts GW Baal Red wash and P3 Red ink. I use this mix cause the wash is just a little to dark and the ink is a little to bright. Plus I like the way it dries better when you mix it like that.
Now the hardware... I just mix the colors together using the GW Wash Brush loading the brush with plenty of the mix. Then I hold the brush over the target area and then blow air across the bristles using my airbrush. If you don't have an airbrush you can use a can of compressed air like what you would use for cleaning your computer. Now I recommend using an old brush that you don't really use all that often anymore but are planning to replace. Not quite the point of being a retired to a drybrush or a glue brush, but close. Also do be careful cause it will be very easy to over do it and then it just looks like you just brushed the mix onto the model.

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  1. NIce and Meky Wolfy! I love Ork stuff I just can't imagine painting Orks I don't have that sort of patience :P

  2. they are surprisingly easy to paint

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