So we are a day into 2011 now and I am still working on the Blood Angels for Demonllamma. But they are almost done... I only have just a few units left to do and then I can get them shipped back out to california so he can enjoy his army finally.

Also with 2011 brings in the new Motivational challenge for the freebootaz. And I have signed up to do it again this year. If I do decide to follow through with this I will be painting up my orks. Last year was the year of the Tau and I have a rather nice Tau army but now its time to go green and get the Ork-flu.

So for the 2011 outlook I am going to be finishing up the Blood Angels. I hope to get my Orks 90% done if not 100%. I have a few things left that I need to get for my Space Wolves and then once I get that painted they will be 100% done... for once. My Tau just need 3 more squads of fire warriors with devil fish and 3 more crisis suits. I would like to get more Forge World Broadsides. Also this year I am contemplating building a new marine army as well. If I do I am going to build a Salamanders army. Don't get me wrong I am really loving my Space Wolves and I am very loyal to that army, but there are some really cool toys that I don't get to use that I wish I could. Also this year I am hoping to get my Menoth army done for Warmachine as well as getting my Khador a good start along with my Trollbloods. And finally I am adding Malifaux to my gaming list. It is doing really well here and it looks like it would be alot of fun. So I picked up the rulebook a couple weeks ago and I have been trying to figure it out. So far its seeming kinda confusing but I have high hopes.

As for the Studio and Commission painting... I am thinking of taking some time off after I get done with the Blood Angels so that I can work on some of my stuff and get it done. Which I really need to do because I am so far behind in painting my own stuff. But if I get a request for something small I might take it on so I can have a break from seeing green all the time.

So Happy New Year to all my readers I hope you all had a great and safe holiday season, and stay tuned to the blog to see what all I paint within the next year.

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