So we are already through the month of January and gosh it was a slow one here in the studio. Back to work on some Orks and few little odds and ends here and there for the month. And a bunch of stuff in the planning phases.

February is already looking to be an up month here. I am working on a small Imperial Guard commission that is a couple squads of vets with shotguns and a Vendetta or two. Then I have some Trollblood models on the schedule. Just a few models there so it should be a fast one too. Then the big prize for the month in the studio is actually the Dreadball set I have sitting here in the studio. It is all primed and waiting for paint. I hope to get through these other jobs really quick so I can get started on it too.

There are still a bunch of Orks left to be painted so they are on the list as well... and then things are going to be getting a little small. I have some Flames of War models that have found their way into the studio so they will be my first experience painting in 15mm... normally I skip past that and go straight to the really tiny of Firestorm Armada (which rumors have it I will have some of those coming into the studio as well) and then... I might even have some time for a super secret project at the tail end of the month.

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