Wings on my Wings...

So I had started out by drawing up a stencil and it would of worked if the wings were flat and didn't have thrusters mounted at the wingtips. Thats right the stencil completely blew out. SO... I drew the design onto the wings in pencil and proceeded to paint them by hand. Between the drawing and the painting as well as the mess up to begin with there is better than 3 hours in 2 sets of wings.

Keep in mind that this is something that is all new to me. Normally I go solid color and move on. So to do something like this is outside the box for me. I am pretty sure I have learned a much better and easier way to do this... but for the first time ever I think they turned out awesome.

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  1. those are awesome wings. You went above and behond anything I have seen you do to date. Keep up the awesome work and keep stepping outside that box. You do quite well outside that box.

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