So now that I have finished up this wonderful duo. I can say that I had fun working on them. They were a slight challenge and I really stepped outside my normal comfort zone as to what I normally do on models. The canopies were something that I saw done by a different commission painter and they inspired me to try something different on flyers that I was painting. I learned a good way to do fades using my airbrush and I also learned just how far over spray can travel off of that thing. Then I got to the wings... my client really wanted the wing decals like you see on the back of the box... well they don't come with the Valkyrie. In fact they are a Forge World item. So it was back to the drawing board... or a notebook and a pencil and a few hours of sketching and getting frustrated. Finally a solution presented itself. Stencil made I set about airbrushing and my stencil failed something awful. Keep in mind this was the first time I had ever really done anything like this. So I set about exploring other ideas... finally I figured out that I could just draw the design right onto the models and paint them on by hand. After a few touch ups and crisping up the lines the final result looked pretty good. Now I have since discovered a much easier way to make this work... but for me there is always a learning curve.

The models all finished and I even managed to put markings on their tails. Did a little weathering... finished putting them together and now they are ready to ship as well. The doors do slide open and the heavy bolters do swing out so you can use them as well. If you choose not to, just swing them back in and close the doors.

One more thing... the wings are removable for the purpose of shipping and storage. Also the flight stand is not assembled because we don't want it breaking during shipping when I mail the items back to the client. That is why they are not up on flight stems.

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  1. that is simply amazing. you did an awesome job on this and I hope you continue to go outside the box and challenge yourself to become even better in the future. You really showed how talented you really are.

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