Here is the first of what I am planning will be three Sanguinary Priests for my Blood Angels Project. This one just happens to be the Finecast model with a little kitbashing fun added in... like the winged jump pack and the plasma pistol and the shoulder pad stolen from the Death Company sprue. I decided to go with the winged jump pack on this guy too because that is going to be a running theme through out the whole army when it is all said an done.

The model is mounted on one of the Ruined Temple resin bases from my friends over at Secret Weapon Miniatures. Which that is also going to be a theme for the army. It took me several days of going back and forth before I finally decided on these bases and let me tell you... I am glad I chose these, as they really are kick ass bases.

Paint wise this is the red that I think I am going to go with for all the models in the army. I am not trying to win any Golden Daemons or anything like that with this army I just want them to look good and draw some attention. When this army is all done I want people to stop and look at them and be like "that is a good looking army". BUT that is still a long way off as there is still a bunch more stuff to paint and a few more things that still need to be bought for them.

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