Man April was a rough month... kinda glad its all over. Anyway... not much happened here in the studio last month except I did paint some non-gaming models for one client and I painted up a few Firestorm ships for Phil over at Firebase Delta.

I helped assemble a bunch of models for my gaming buddy's Dark Angels... had a little fun doing some kitbashing and converting. I have one more model that I have to get assembled for him then he is going to work on getting them painted. I will get a picture of this last model that I have to assemble as soon as I get it done. Also in my last post you might remember the Pathfinder that I painted up as part of the Farsight Enclave... well that squad is almost done, I am down to the last three models in the unit and they should be done shortly.

As for what all I am going to be working on in the wonderful month of May, well I am a little unsure. I am thinking of FINALLY getting to work on the Dreadball set that is sitting here as well as working on some of my Blood Angels... well maybe if I can ever get my FW Rhino doors to arrive.

One last thing... and personally I think I saved the best for last. A few weeks ago I posted about the Secret Weapon Miniature Kickstarter for the Tablescapes. Well I can happily report at the typing of this post it has over 900 backers and over $175k in support. It only has like 10 days left so PLEASE don't miss out on your chance to get in on this one and show your support. That and I really want to get the Ruined Temple set unlocked... and we are almost there. So head on OVER and show your support.

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