Hey gang, sorry about the delay in getting the monthly news written up and posted. I was busy finishing off a commission of 3 units of Man O War for one of the local Khador players. I am helping him get his models painted up before he goes to Gencon here in a couple weeks. So this month has started off with a bit of a bang as far as commissions are concerned. If all goes well I will be picking up another commission this coming Tuesday from the same client.

Also on the painting schedule for this month is some of my Khador models because I have a large stock pile of unpainted Khador models and I want to get them painted so I can start playing some of these lists that I have all planned out, such as my Khador Cav list. First up from the stock pile is my Behemoth model. I have had Big B for over a year now and he has been sitting here half primed waiting for me to find time for him. Unfortunately I had not found a list that I liked him in so I never got around to painting him. BUT I have discovered a list that I like that big monster in and he works really well so I have decided to get him painted. But this is a project that might take a couple weeks to get done because I might be having a commission arrive right in the middle of trying to get him painted... but you know what... it is still worth it cause Big B needs to get painted. After that I am thinking I will get the rest of the models for my Old Witch list painted...

Beyond that here in the studio I am having a hard time trying to decide if I want to base my Strakov list on trench works bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures or if I want to just make my own trench works style bases. I mean I have almost all of the materials here except a couple things so I can easily do it, but do I want to go through the hassle of doing it?

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