So I have been slightly sidetracked from my Khador yet again... well sort of. I am painting up some models and spending a little extra time on them making them look really good. I am trying to get some models done up for my portfolio. Yes back to that project again. I want to finally get one put together so I can start getting it sent off to different companies cause you just never know when you might get a job offer or an offer for some freelance work.

Now you may be asking why I am spending all of my time painting up Privateer Press models for my portfolio... well thats simple actually. I love the way that the models look. I think they have great detail and they give a painter a great chance to shine. Now I do have to tell you all that these are not the pictures that will be used for my portfolio. They are just pictures to show you all what I am working on. When my portfolio is ready I might think about putting it up here.

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