WAAAGH!!! That about sums up this post... I decided to paint up an Ork Warboss for the ol' portfolio. Let me know what you guys think of him.

The base that he is mounted to is a resin 40mm base that I got from Demonllamma on the 40k radio freebootaz forum. He does really cool bases and has a really good price on them.

So if you are a Freeboota look him up... if not first what the hell is wrong with you... and second... if you want some of his bases let me know and I will get him in touch with you.

4 Responses so far.

  1. Horray for the WAAAAAAAAAGH!! Great job Wolfster

  2. Waughh! Nice work Wolfy! And yes DL's bases are pretty nice looking. I have already gotten in touch with him about picking some up. Hopefully they will arrive soon :)

    Loving the Ork :)

  3. Looks great Wolfy !

    Love the detail on that squigg and Demonllamma's base really give the model some soul.

  4. Thanks guys... I really am proud of this guy being that he honestly is my first ork ever.

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