Thats right. I have been talking about selling this monster for a long while now and have yet to post him up on here. So here we go. The Forge World Blood Thirster that I painted up for the Crystal Brushes competition at Adepticon 2012 is for sale. I was originally going to hang onto this model because he is an awesome piece... and he is massive. Just a little too massive for my shelf so he has to go. I am asking $550 plus shipping for this competition painted piece. If you are interested send me an email at or and we can work out all the details. On a side note his hands are not permanently attached but are magnetized to make transporting this monster easier. This price does not include the wooden display base that he is sitting on. If you are wanting that as well there will be an additional charge for that... just let me know in your email if you are wanting the base too.

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