Hey gang... I have been looking at the Dreadball stuff from Mantic games since they had it on Kickstarter. I am really liking the look of this new game. In a way it looks like a combination of Blood Bowl from Games Workshop and the movie Rollerball.

Now I just went and checked with my distributor and everything is holding on a preorder status so IF there are any of you that are wanting this game and not wanting to paint it send me an email to commissions@2tonpainting.com. It is looking like the main game is going to be $79.99 the team boxes are $24.99 and the MVP's are only $7.99. IF... IF you order the stuff from me you can get them painted before they are sent to your doorstep for $150.00 for the main box, $45.00 for the team boxes, and $15 for the MVP's.

So if any of you are interested just send over an email to commissions@2tonpainting.com to get your place in line.

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