I know there are a bunch of you fellow gamers out there that play 40k and you have boxes upon boxes FULL of random bits. Have you ever wondered what all you could do or how many more models you could make to integrate into your army. Well yesterday I go to thinking that I know I have some regular Space Marine legs left over in one of my many bits boxes. So I decided to go raiding. And after poking around in my marines bits box I came up with all the random pieces to build a new Lone Wolf for a friend. It is amazing what all can be found in a bits box. Hell I am betting that if I went through my Imperial Guard box I might be able to build a small platoon, and in my Chaos box I know I can build 2 maybe 3 squads of guys.

So here is my Lone Wolf bits box special...

I just need to throw some primer on him and get him painted... give me something to work on this weekend while I watch some football games.

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