Well its August... and I need to post up a quick little update to let you... the masses know what all is on the books for August.

Well to start things off I have been hired to paint some 13th Company Space Wolves for a buddy from Australia. For that I just have to wait for the rest of the stuff to arrive from companies like Chapter House and Scibor. And Scibor is being a big pain in the ass to get stuff from.

Then I got hired again by my old buddy Darksheer again to paint some more of his marines for him. You guys remember those... the grey homebrew chapter I worked on back in June. This one will be mostly tanks... but there is also a box of Vanguard Veterans that are sitting here with his name on them waiting for the rest of his stuff to arrive... which should be wednesday.

Also there is another commission that I have been hit up about that is a Warmachine commission. I am going to be painting up a couple of battle groups up. That one should be here sometime this week or early next week.

So I am going to be busy this month with commissions stuff... actually thats not all that much stuff... and should only take me a couple weeks depending on how quickly everything arrives.

For personal stuff this month I have the August entry of the motivational challenge over on the 40k radio forums. This month is the 2nd Elite entry, and this month I am going to be painting up a double unit of Crisis suits. Mainly because I have 6 of them and I want to get them all done up at one time. Also I have some more Menoth stuff to paint up if I get to it. And then there is more of my Dads Ultramarines sitting here for me to paint if I get around to it.

So in closing... I am going to be friggin swamped this month. But stay tuned to see how things pan out. Its gonna be a big month... Oh and I get to paint Leman Russ this month...

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  1. Yarr! Busy is good!

  2. It's partially your fault...

    Not that I'm complaining

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