Okay... so normally I don't do this but I have a very big complaint that I need to get off my chest because SOME painting services out there (and no I am not going to publicly name who) that charge conversion fees on something as simple as swapping out a shoulder pad and a back pack, or even a gun.

That is not a conversion. You did not convert anything. All you did was swap a few parts around. So where in the hell do you get off charging and assembly fee AND a conversion fee... when you didn't do a damn thing other than put a model together.

Now as a modeler and a painter to me... the true definition of CONVERSION is this. You assemble a model using parts from various kits requiring filing, resculpting, green or grey stuff or modeling putty of some kind, sawing, pinning... and assembling a model in such a way that it was not intended. The head swap I did a long while back on a Pedro Kantor model I did for Darksheers marines... NOT A CONVERSION IT IS A PART SWAP. The cutting or filing of the Chapter markings also NOT A CONVERSION ITS MODEL CLEAN UP AND PREP.

So in closing... I say this... To all you asshole services out there that dick their clients out of a little extra money for simply putting a model together. And no I am not talking about assembly fees here... I am talking conversion fees for what is not a conversion. I have no problem with assembly fees cause that is something that does take time. I just choose not to have them cause I enjoy putting the models together. I will GLADLY continue to take those clients away from you once they figure out that you are over charging and charging for something that is not really a conversion.

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