So I have been taking a couple days off from painting so I could do some more prep work as well as work on some base designs that I needed to get done for a client. Now this is actually going to be a one off set of bases. After I get the molds made and pour all the bases that I need to for his army that I am going to be painting starting next month I am going to be destroying the molds and the masters. So this truly is going to be a custom set of bases just for his Iron Warriors. That is if they are approved by him. If not... well then they will go into the pile for mass production and back to the drawing board I go. I think these will go over really well and I figure I will get some requests for these... but for the moment... they are very limited edition.

Now for the rest of my fans out there... if you have an idea for a set of bases then just shoot me an email and we can discuss it. Keep in mind that after I sculpt up a set of bases I will produce them for sale to the general public as well. That is unless you want them to truly be your bases and we come to an agreement on the terms. But that is mostly to help balance out the cost of the blank bases and the silicone to make the molds. Cause that stuff isn't exactly cheap.

I should be back to painting later on today after a little bit of rest. So stay tuned for more pictures cause I have no idea what I might chose to paint up next.

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