Thats right folks... the Studio Blog is now officially 1 year old. Granted the studio its self is a little older by a few months. But the Blog was officially started exactly one year ago. Now this might not seem like much to some people but this is a huge deal for me. Most people did not thing that the studio would of made it this long. Well folks... it did. In fact it has undergone a few changes and a major expansion that happened right at the end of that first year. There was also a trip to Adepticon in there last year. So I am going to go over my top 10 Favorite pieces that have been painted withing the last year. I know there is a lot to choose from. but there are several pieces that truly are the best. So before I go into that I want to ask you the reader to go through and pick your favorites from all the models painted within the last year and post a comment on here or send me an email letting me know which ones are your favorites.

One more thing I want to say before I go into the picks. I want to thank all of you... my readers for giving me reasons to keep posting up pictures and comments to keep you guys up to date on everything that I am working on. Also I want to thank all of my clients past, present, and future for giving me the opportunity to paint for you. Because if it wasn't for you... I wouldn't be doing this and I wouldn't be going through and taking the time to paint and take pictures of EVERYTHING I do. My xbox feels more and more neglect because of my constant love for painting and modeling because of you.

Now on with the show.

Eldar Avatar
I really do like the way this piece turned out and I had several people even compliment me on the way that this guy turned out. Out of all of the Eldar that I painted for this client this piece turned out the best.

Canis Wolfborn
This model started out higher up on the list but it got pushed farther down the list some other really well painted models. Trust me it was hard to shove Canis down this far on the list, but it would of taken a miracle or an act of god or something to completly bump this guy from the list. The model is really well sculpted, and if you have troubles painting fur... you wont by the time you get done with this guy. Trust me.

Njal Stormcaller
Out of all of the new Space Wolf stuff that came out with the release of the new codex this model has to be my most favorite. This piece turned out really well... but with the way that my abilities have improved over the last 6 months I have been contemplating repainting him. He is not farther up the list because hes not based yet. I have been holding out for some really cool resin bases. But that wait is finally over. I have decided to start making my own do he will have a new base soon enough.

High Reclaimer
My Menoth army had been sitting in boxes since 2003 when I got the stuff. Well the Mk2 rules came out and the game exploded in popularity locally so I decided to get right back into the game, and I got to painting. Well this guy has to be my favorite piece from collection of pieces I had sitting on the shelf.

Terminator Librarian
This is one of those pieces that I painted up for the Toys for Tots army. Which actually made a fairly good amount of money... and was big enough that had to be broken up into 3 separate armies. This piece found its way onto my favorites list because of the way he turned out. The little minor conversion work that I did by drilling a hole into his hand and having a wire sticking out... adding a skull and a little grey stuff to it so that it looks like the physical manifestation of his psychic powers. Really it surprises me that this piece made its way into the tots army and not into a certain Warmasters personal collection. Now the down side to this piece is that I have been asked several times to recreate it. Well I am going to say this now... I am only going to do this one more time. After that if anyone asks... I am going to price him so high that people will leave me alone about the flaming skull.

She turned out really really well... now a couple funny bits about this piece. She was painted while watching the P3 painting dvd during her segment on the dvd. AND she is still sitting on the table cause she is just too damn pretty to put away.

Khador Wardog (aka Maggie)
Now this piece was going to have a spot on the top 10 no matter what else went up here. I refused to not give this piece credit. I got this piece and painted it because in the faction book for Khador the wardog is described as being a Bull Mastiff. Well the owner of the Club where I work has a Mastiff. And I figured since he was in the process of building his new office he needed something in there to remind him of his big girl while he was at work. So I picked this piece up and painted and gave it to him as a present. Turns out that I got the coloration almost spot on with his dog Maggie.

Imperial Guard Commissar
Now this guy is a lot more recent but he had to be on here just because out of all of the Commissars in 40k this one is my favorite. I did have to swap out his bolt pistol for a plasma pistol. And yes paint his coat red instead of black. But yes I did it for a reason. If the coat would of been painted in black he would of been very very boring to look at cause he would of been very monochromatic. So with red being my favorite color and one I love to paint... I chose that for the color of his coat.

Yet another piece that could not be left off the list. In fact I think if I would of I think the owner of this piece would of been really pissed at me. Sorry DL this piece got beat out for number one... but only by a slim margin. This piece was the first piece that I had a mass of email about. Some from people offering to buy him and others from people that have done judging of paint contests in the past that he would make first cut... and maybe get a lot farther in the judging. This was the one piece that has made me really want to strive for better in myself and up my goals. cause I think I am ready for more.

Pedro Kantor (Brother Pedronis Kantoris)
This piece is the number one for the last year. I had fun painting him, and I had fun getting him ready to go for painting. Now yes I have painted 2 Pedros in the last year, but this one is the better of the 2 and neither one of them are actually painted up to be a Crimson Fist like he is meant to be. Kinda funny really. This is the level I want all my stuff to be at now for a minimum. I love the way he has turned out.

Oh and this piece is the very first time I have used one of those blasted water slide transfers. And it went on perfectly.

So that’s all for the last year, time to close out the old one and start up with the new one. Look forward to the future and to more new exciting painting adventures. I can tell you now that there is a bunch of really cool stuff on the horizon. And a large chunk of it I cant tell you about yet. Just keep you eyes open and glued to the blog. Cause you never know what I am going to paint up next.

And thank you again for giving me a good first year!

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