So... I finished him up tonight after I got home from work... and damn... let me just say this... it is a great end to a bad night...

Also... to anyone else thinking of attempting this monster.... invest in some 2 part epoxy resin type glue... or find someone that works in the aircraft industry and get some ultra strong super glue from them... cause the wings are HUGE and they are very very awkward with their small mounting points for all the weight that they have to support.

Now I only have 2 more things to do for this model... and that is get the name plate made for the wood base and then get his custom foam cut... cause I am not about to take him ANYWHERE without knowing that he will get there safely. So he is going to get some custom foam from Battle Foam. Then he is getting packed away until Adepticon...

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  1. Really Really Great Model Wolfy. I hope it wins for ya@!


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