Well here we are... October 1st already.

September was a rough month for the studio. Finished up the last of the commission work that was sitting on the shelf. Had a couple big ones get put on hold. But here we are... a new month... so lets have us a clean slate and make the best of it.

So, what am I doing this month? At this point in time... not a whole lot. I have no commissions scheduled at the moment. None... not a single one. So what am I going to do you ask. Well I am thinking I might do some work on my competition pieces try to get them wrapped up or at least get a huge dent put in their progress. Also this month I am going to continue with trying to sell random pieces on ebay that I have laying around that I need to get sold so I can make a little profit between commissions... after all this is a business.

So for Ebay... we have the following listed.

Current Black Templar Emperors Champion

OOP Black Templar Emperors Champion This is a real collectors piece.

Imperial Guard Commissar

Ork Warboss

Imperial Guard Commissar w/power fist

Dark Angels Combat Squad

WHFB Empire Warrior Priest

So go check that stuff out and make some bids on it

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